Foxton Readers are a series of carefully graded books aimed at ESL/EAL learners of beginner to advanced levels. They are based on a comprehensive grammar and vocabulary framework to match each ability level and to ensure each learner progresses. They are not only suitable for ESL/EAL learners but can also be used with native speakers of primary and secondary school age.


Students with ESL/EAL come from a wide range of different backgrounds, and therefore it is important to offer reading materials which have a broad appeal. Foxton Readers are based on stories of many different genres so there is something for everyone.

In an ESL/EAL classroom, where teachers normally use an English language text book, the readers are a great resource when you feel you need to do something a little different and change the dynamics of the class.

Research has shown that students who read improve in all other areas of language learning (speaking, listening and writing) and at a faster rate than those who don’t read. Of course, reading English also helps students build their vocabulary and develop their grammar knowledge.

For most students, reading a book in English is a difficult task. Too much unknown vocabulary means students stopping frequently to look up words, demotivating them and spoiling their enjoyment of the story. As such, the graded readers are ideal. Students will gain huge confidence from being able to understand real fiction.

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